Disability and there website to check status


Hello so this is behalf of my husband who we applied for CPP disability back in may we received the acknowledgement letter may 8 and online it still says in progress however now I can see his cpp contributions and payment info says something about how payment takes 30 days to appear in your new account but no payment amount and our banking info appeared and beside it it says current payment destination
My question is does this show up when you have been denied or is this a pretty good indication he is approved no one has called or nothing the end of the 4 month mark is sept 8 any insight or experience with this would be greatly appreciated
He meet all the requirements meaning like paying into cpp beside the disability amount it says a dollar amount on which he can receive
He has severe and prolonged disability he has 2 brain tumour first diagnosis was in 2014 however since he had already been with the employer for 10 plus years they had to allow him to all his apts and such then in 2017 they closed shop so he did go on ei for 20
Weeks but no income nothing on his behalf since March 2018
Thank you so much


Not sure but mine said all that too and I was approved . So could be a good sign


I don’t know.
I would call them Sep 10 (the 8th is a Sat).