In the reconsideration stage question does it get update on my service Canada or

Was denied first attempt now we are on to the reconsideration stage question is does your service Canada website for cpp get updated when they are working on it or will that all still say what it did previously with original denial meaning complete and then bottom when first letter was sent out

Thank you

It seems to be really random when it is updated.

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Hi there,

I recently went through this process and I was obsessively checking the site for updates (twice a day about 6 weeks after I sent in the request) and it was my experience that the status changed the day that I received their decision and it showed payment information and dates, etc.

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Wonderful so there is hope that the original decision will be over turned
Did they call you at this stage at all
Thanks for all the help

There absolutely is hope! I was so discouraged thinking I’d need a lawyer. Then I’d have to pay, etc. They did not phone me at all, I just received their decision by mail. That’s not to say they don’t call, just I wasn’t contacted. In fact, I just remembered that I received a letter from CPPD saying that they had been in touch with my Dr. For more information and that my reconsideration request would be delayed by however long it took her to get them the info. I’d say that was about halfway through the process. The whole thing: application,denial, reconsideration, Dr. Info and approval took from mid February to late October.

Thank you so much this whole process is overwhelming we have been waiting paitently since May from denial to now reconsideration stage so here’s hoping this time will be an approval to know a decision before Xmas would be nice
But we won’t give up all the doctors notes 56 pages to be exact says repeatly severe and prolonged which is why the denied in the first place
It’s like they never even read all the notes
Thanks again

I don’t think they always do.
A lot of people get denied the first time.

So I checked online and today it says under cpp disabilty that records show your in receipt of cpp disability benefits does this mean we are finally approved !!! No payment amount under payment section but it says that …