Permanent Status?

I was told by my LTD provider that I am now on “permanent” status? Anyone familiar with this and what it entails? I’ve been on LTD for 6 plus years now.

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Likely means that they will contact you yearly for updates as they can find no way to say you would be employable.

That said-you just did the activity tracker–so I would think as a last chance effort they may use surveillance.


The insurance companies use computer systems that require them to “categorize” every claim. “Permanent Status” is a categorization that is commonly used. So, it means they have clicked a dropdown menu to categorize your claim as permanent status.

This generally means they have accepted you have a long-term disability and will only need occasional updates from you. Keep in mind this is no guarantee they won’t change your status to “Approved - Under Investigation” in the future if a new claims manager comes along.

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Apparently I will get that status if my CPP-D is approved.
I can see all sorts of bad stuff the insurance can do if I get denied the first time but I’m hoping for the best.