Surveillance outside my home

I just passed my 4 year mark on LTD. They consider me permanently disabled. I did not know until recently and this wasn’t done through any consultation through my healthcare providers. They made the decision on their own. My doctor wants to say it’s also permanent but I’ve asked him to hold off for now. It will affect my employment and i still want to try different therapies. Plus when i agree to it i feel like it would actually make it permanent and hinder any process i could make.

I do also work part-time. I wish i worked less than i did as i find it difficult but for the last year LTD has not bothered me and i don’t want to poke the bear.

They recently sent me a letter asking if my condition changed, volunteering anywhere or taking any courses. And shortly after i started noticing a car hanging around my place. I know David has said it costs them too much to do surveillance but others in my household are starting to notice this vehicle. I haven’t even brought it up to them.

Anyone have any insight? Why would they do it now? How long does it usually last?

I get that letter once per year, I think it’s a tick the box thing on their annual checklist. Are you allowed to work part time and have you been up front with them about doing it?

Someone in my neighbourhood was worried about a car coming around a lot, they thought he was casing the houses but it turned out to be a guy who used to live there now living out of his car.

It costs a lot but they will do it if they think they can save money.
They know you work part time, right?
Make sure you don’t do anything that you claimed to not be able to do.
They would do it now if you’re young and they think getting you off the books will save them money.
I have no idea how long it could last, until they give up or get enough evidence.

They know im working. Im with my previous employer.

I am eligible for another 30 years of LTD.

You could have someone go out and ask the suspected person?
Does it bother you?

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