Claimant Statement Purpose After 5 years on LTD?


What is the purpose of the LTD provider requesting first the Daily Activities form and then "within the next 6 months will be sending a Claimant Statement? I’ve been on LTD 6 years and think I just completed one at the beginning of my claim.


I think I read that being asked to complete an activities form means you were under surveillance.
I have no idea what a “Claimant Statement” is.
I googled “Claimant Statement LTD” and assuming the first hit is the same form, it looks like the application for LTD so I have no idea why they would want it again.


Your file is getting looked at more closely. You will likely be under surveillance-almost a for sure!-so then they want a statement in 6 months.

Get a notebook and track all of your activity based on the hour and put a number score for pain and fatigue on a scale of 1-10

That way if they 'catch you" being active one day you have proof of what your days are actually made of.


This is a risk management tool to save the company money-so be aware that you likely have been or will be watched.

They can also use any activity to suggest rehabilitation for the future.

Keep your blinds down-for real :roll_eyes:


Most likely means you are under surveillance either online, video or both. A claimant statement is just a form that asks you specific questions about medical providers, etc. Slightly different than a activities form but really they are the same thing. They are just getting an update on your case because the information they have on file is old.

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I sent in the activities form and received a note today stating they have received and set my payment and will continue to update my file yearly…hmm


The insurer emailed me and stated they have received my activities form and have set payment and will update yearly?


Yes me either, that was why I questioned them as to why when I just sent in 6 pages of daily activities which includes income questions, healthcare provider questions etc…, so did not make sense. The emailed me today stating they received the activities form and set payment and will update yearly so not sure if it still stands that they will ask for claimant statement in six months.


Stay away from the beer and liquor stores-they love to catch claimants hauling out a 24 of beer or bottles of booze :wink:

Golfing and beach days also don’t show well.

and I am serious-keep the blinds down at night


So if they capture you on video walking around your house NAKED doing stuff you said you were not able to do due to impairments, then what?


They would love that! Benefits terminated for sure :neutral_face:


Will that be admissible in court? :smile: