My LTD Insurer is forcing me to apply for CPP disability - can this cause me to lose my job?


My Insurer is demanding that I apply for CCP-D ( I am 19 months into my own occ. definition)
When I apply can the Insurer provider inform my employer and can they terminate my employment for applying.


Return To Work after LTD

If you don’t apply for CPP disability when demanded by your LTD insurer, the LTD insurer can estimate your CPP disability payment and reduce your LTD payment by that amount. We are seeing LTD insurers getting more and more aggressive about this. If you apply for CPP disability, it is unlikely the LTD insurer would ever tell your employer. Due to privacy laws they shouldn’t give this information to your employer. I don’t believe an employer would ever terminate your employment simply because you applied for CPP disability. However, if you get approved for CPP disability, then the employer has strong evidence that you may never return to your job and could use this as support to eventually terminate your job for “frustration of employment.”

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