I am currently receiving LTD payments for 1 year. If I apply for CPP will the insurance company be notified somehow?

Hi I have been receiving LTD payments for one year. The insurance company cheated me pretty badly by covering my income amount from 4 years ago instead of my income at time of disability. This amounted to receiving half of what I should be getting and making it very difficult to survive.

I was wondering if I apply for the CPP disability benefit will my insurance company be notified somehow? They have never asked me to apply for CPP. I am wondering if i am able to apply for CPP Disability and receive CPP benefits without the LTD insurance company knowing. This would offset the money I should be receiving. If they are somehow affiliated with the government and find out I believe they would just take any CPP money I receive and there would be no point in applying.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you

You are typically obligated to advise your Insurer if you receive any other income. At some point I believe they would know. If they request your Doctors clinical notes, your application from your Doctors portion is part of your medical file.

Applying for CPP disability has benefits for you after 65 for a higher pay out monthly then. How about applying for the disability tax credit–that is yours to keep if it reduces past taxes

Sun Life did that to me but they fixed it when I wrote them a letter.
They had to confirm my salary with HR but they fixed it.

Hey Jammer. Thanks for the info. I tried fighting the amount they were giving me but they said that because my employer did not pay higher premiums as my salary was increasing each year they did not have to cover me. I don’t know if this is legal, but they wouldn’t change the amount to reflect my actual salary at the time of disability. When i complained i did this to Johnson insurance company and not Dejardins who is the parent company. Never tried filing a complaint directly with Dejardins.

Applying for the disability tax credit is a good idea.

I am wondering that if i apply for the CPP with a different doctor then maybe they would not find out? I have had to move provinces to receive care from a new doctor for my condition.

At some point your insurer will ask you to apply for CPP-D. Then you’ll have to provide them with all the communications from Service Canada and maybe sign some irrevocable forms.

Obviously if you are receiving CPP-D already at the time your insurer asks you to apply for CPP-D then it is the time when they find out about that.

They may ask you to apply for CPP-D in1-2 years. Anyways you will have to pay all CPP-D payments back to them at some point.

It won’t look good if you spend all the money by then.

Not sure if you have any assets-but there are case of where claimants did not know they had to notify the Insurer and then claimed bankruptcy when the Insurer tried to claim. Though that would not be ethical or honest-and not sure it would work.

Just a thought

I am wondering if the insurance company is going to bother asking me to apply for CPP. I say this because my plan wasn’t very good and only covers LTD to a maximum of 2 years. I have been on LTD for 15 months now and they have not asked me to apply for CPP. Only 9 months left before they don’t have to pay me anymore LTD anyways :/.

Oh, if that’s the case they may not ask you to apply for CPP-D.

I think you should apply for CPP-D. Even if they ask you to do so it will take at least 3 month to prepare your application and up to 7 month for Service Canada to decide. By that time your LTD will be over.

You should definitely apply for CPP-D as you will need financial help in 9 month if you are not going back to work by then.

I would apply about 4 or 5 months before the claim is up. Then not tell! Go for the disability tax credit now. Maybe just 3 or 4 so you get the answer after the ltd claim is done.

Yeah thats a good idea. I didn’t realize it took so long to be approved for the CPP-D. So even if they do go after my CPP payments it will sell be better to have in the long run. Would be awesome if they didn’t find out. I have no idea if they are notified somehow when I apply or not.

Thats a good idea. Do you know if waiting that long to apply would cause a problem for being approved for CPP-D. Considering I started being to ill to work April 2016. Does it matter if i would not be applying for CPP until almost 2 years since that disability date?

Did you work over 25 years–then you have to have worked for the last 3 out of 6 years. If it is under you need to have worked at least 4 out of the last 6 years. You have to have at least made about 5700 each working year to meet the qualifying CPP contribution amount.

In April 2016 did you make at least 5700 in income? Then that year would count as a contributing year.

Mine was the difference between my 2016 salary and my 2017 salary and my claim was in Feb 2017.
And Sun Life had my 2017 salary on their portal website.

I would apply for cppd right away. My work sent me a letter saying I had to apply by a certain date. It took me 3 months to get medical reports from doctors and specialists. After 3 months I was approve cppd and was told the insurance will pay the difference. Now I have disk that are herniated, diteriated and pinched nerves. There is more but yes apply right away don’t delay.

If he only is covered for two years then it might not be in hiss best interest to apply right away. His policy may not require him to apply.
Most people it is beneficial to apply right away–but not for all. Timing any application for claim should be reviewed.