LTD cut off after expecting CPP disability application?

If my disability insurance company is requesting me to apply for CPP disability now, what is the likelihood I will be have my disability insurance benefits cut off after CPP is approved?

I still have 7 months until my ‘any employment’ 2 year mark and I do expect CPP to be approved. I have seen 6 medical professionals within 15 months (3 of the insurance company’s choosing) who all support my PTSD/depression/agoraphobia diagnosis. I am 45 years old.

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I don’t think it is likely but even if they do, getting CPPD strengthens your case if you have to sue.

Read all the articles on this website about applying for CPPD.

Search the forum.
Don’t be discouraged if you are denied at first, I don’t think they read some applications.
If is harder to get if you’re under 50 but I was.
It also takes more than 4 months to process now.

Good luck.

Thanks for that. I have lurked on this site for over a year.
My former employer terminated the longstanding contract with the insurance company suddenly and with only 30 days notice - it just so happened in the same month I was to transition from std to ltd.
I was also terminated from job 3 months into ltd. I am suing my former employer and it may lead to a Human Rights case.
The caseworker I have has tried everything to have my claim disqualified despite the experts they have hired supporting my diagnosis.
Neither of them wanted to be responsibility for my care.

Hang in there.
Keep fighting.
Best of luck.