Missed phone call regarding cpp claim

I was told that I could expect a resolution of my claim on October 3rd. This was in a phone call in late September from a woman getting a few more bits of info from me. She said she was forwarding my claim to the medical part of the claim process. She also said that if I hadn’t heard by October 6th to call in.

I actually waited until the 11th to call only to be told that I was contacted by phone on the 9th but there was no answer. I looked back on my missed calls and the only one in the time fee was a private number/private name call. Why the hell would they call from a line that would say this? How many people would ignore this as well? Bei g at home and in big pain many times, I tend to screen the calls that pop up on my tv call display so I don’t have to run to get every call.

Anyway, the person I talked to on the 11th said I would get another call or get something in the mail. Neither of which has happened.
He also said that he could not tell me the resolution of my claim

I’m going g crazy here checking the site for a change from “in progress” or running to the mail box as soon as I see my carrier, and have endured so many calls for duct cleaning not wanting to ignore the phone now.

Has anyone else gone through this hell? Does the lack of communication mean that I’ve been rejected? How much longer can they keep me in the dark? My EI has run out 2 weeks ago and I’m getting scared here. It’s bad enough that I’ve been waiting since May for a call from the neurosurgeon to set up an appt to go over my chart and see whether he’s going to operate on my spine or not, but the damn govt is making g things worse.

Sorry for the rant. In need to get this off my chest other than to fill as I’m sure they’re tired of my ranting

I would call again.
Different people who answer seem to better or worse.
I was told my result over the phone (I don’t think they are supposed to).
Explain that you need a call back.
I would also suggest until you get CPP-D settled that you answer “unknown” calls.
My hospital shows up like that.
I don’t usually answer “unknown” calls but I do if I am expecting an important one.
I would also suggest that you look into cordless phones so that you can keep it near you.
Good luck.

I have been answering unknown calls since I missed this one. Damn how many times am I going to be charged by the CRA and how am I getting all these viruses on my PC.

I’ve been thinking of calling back , but don’t want to piss them off.

I’ve got a cordless phone and when I’m out of the house I have the.home phone forwarded to my cell phone as well.

Maybe I will wait til next.week and then call again.

I just hope something breaks soon since my EI is gone.

Do you know how to log in to the myservicecanada website?
It might have info about your claim.
Canada Post might go on strike soon.
There should be an announcement Monday.
I hope it works out for you.

I log into that site multiple times a day. Still showing in progress

Sometimes it shows an amount, sometimes just “in progress”.
There doesn’t appear to be anything bad to being “in progress”.
I would phone weekly (or more often).
Maybe phone your local office and explain the situation.
Maybe you’ll get someone really helpful.

Well I tried calling again, they just said that a letter was mailed.
But yesterday I checked the site and it said “complete”, went to check my payment and there was nothing there, but in the estimated section it stated that I’m already receiving cpp disability. WooHoo finally.
Checked today and it shows what I surmise is my regular monthly payment for the 28th of November and on the 15th of November a payment that is double the 28th payment.
Is this my “back pay”?
If they started my claim on June 8th 2018, shouldn’t the back pay be 4 times and not 2 times my regular payment?
I thought they paid you back to the date they received my claim? Am I wrong about this?

I just wish the govt would get their act straight, being disabled is stressful enough but getting the run around trying to find out about your claim. One person says you should get a phone call, one says you’ll only get a letter, and both can’t tell you what the out come is until one of these happens , then on your own you finally find out the decision on the website. And now the website is telling me that I will find out the decision by letter in 10 to 15 days, this is stated amp GST all the other info online showing that you actually are going to recieved money.
Damn, and I pay taxes for this help?

Oh well, it seems like it’s all done, a great weight lifted with this info. I just wish I knew why so little back pay.

Thank you to this site for all the info I gleaned from it after hours of reading posts.
This site helped me understand the comings and goings of the cpp and what everyone else else was going through and gone through, and made me feel less on my own in this battle.

Thanks everyone.

With the Canada Post strike, who knows when you’ll get it.


The 15th is not a normal pay day so it might very well be your back pay.
It is less than you expected so.
Is it EXACTLY double?
It could be you were approved in Oct but too late for them to make the cutoff date so maybe they made an extra payment.

I hear you but at least you won’t go through this again.

It is unfortunately, but some well meaning Service Canada reps can cause extra stress by creating expectations like this. This is typical and isn’t bad sign, just things taking longer than the person anticipated. They shouldn’t have told you dates like that. Try to hang in there!

David Brannen

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Thanks David, it seems that finally there is closure. There is monitary values now on the site and it says complete

Thanks for the site. It helped being able to read that other people had been going through the same anxiety and that some shared their experiences in going through the process.

There were a lot of supportive people and great advice.