Decision made a month ago, no letter or call?

Hello, I applied for cppd originally and was only denied as my drs and supporting information wasn’t received on time. I sent in for reconsideration and uploaded all supporting documents and the drs forms. Am on total disability through 2 places.
I called last week and was told a decision was made March 9th. No one called and no one sent a letter out. They then told me after a decision was made it was sent to a benefits officer.
I am really anxious and stressed out about the lack of communication and awaiting for a decision that was apparently made a month ago.
Does anyone have any advice or what this could even mean ? Just seems like a horrible process to not inform the person of the decision.
I should add, I did receive one letter that said one of my supporting documents couldn’t be used as a decision was made and there was nothing open with SST. But still no decision or communication.

Hi, the first place that shows is online in your my CRA account, if you are approved it will show as a scheduled payment before you receive the letter.

Beware though, there is a good chance that you will not receive any extra money. Many LTD insurance policies let the LTD insurer deduct the amount of the CPPD from their payment to you. Check your policies for offsets and deductions. Worse, if your LTD payments were non-taxable you will also be paying extra taxes on the same amount of money. The only comfort is that being on CPPD will mean that these years you are off work won’t count as zero income years for your regular CPP pension and you’ll get a little bit more.

Doesn’t show anything under payments. I am assuming denied then ? Is it weird that a decision was made a month ago and no communication then went to a benefits officer after a decision was made ? I know if approved it gets deducted from my LTD. I am also total disability from a different federal income so I don’t know how that affects cppd. Just anxious and nerve racking going through this process with no communication.

Hmm that’s odd, I’m not sure. Yes lack of communication is incredibly stressful when we have like mortgages to pay and groceries to buy.

It is odd. I don’t know why it would have had a decision made then sent to a benefits officer ? Especially without telling me anything. I thought the benefits officer was who made the decision but I am completely in the dark

The only thing I can think of if it’s to coordinate benefits, since your LTD is the federal government too?

I have Ltd past the 2 years where I am total disability from a variety of issues. I am also on veterans benefits where I am total disability which is through a part of the federal LTD is through a different place but my federal benefits are different. My disabilities are recognized through veterans benefits and went through their own approval process so it is hard to say if they will take that into consideration for the CPPD