Cppd decision (approved) march, no communication?


I was told my application was completed first week march. Then went to a benefits officer. a month ago a nurse called and said they approved it (was an appeal) its been 2 months since a decision was made and besides that call I never received a letter, nothing at all. I know after approval it went to a benefits officer in March, who has not communicated anything. It also does not show on MSCA or cra or anything that it was approved. Is this normal? anyone have any advice. I am going to escalate it if nothing in another month. I just do not understand the lack of communication or why it would take so long after being approved. I have not told my LTD yet that i received the call it was approved just so they dont start deducting my amount right away

Maybe the strike (I have no idea if PSAC is Service Canada).
I would call Service Canada and ask them.
I wouldn’t wait.

I called a couple weeks ago, they don’t see anything just that on March 9th it was sent to a benefits officer. The nurse called me about a month ago and just said it was approved. They said to call back in June if nothing, but 3 months after being approved with little to no communication seems odd

Unfortunately it’s probably part for the course these days.

Service Canada is a total disaster right now. People are waiting months for EI approvals. Your file was probably sent to the department that sends out the letters and it is sitting in a queue. And then, there was the strike which delayed it further. I wouldn’t be worried until it hits the 6 month mark honestly. Stuff is really starting to fall apart in the world. Covid broke a lot of stuff and we are still trying to fix it all.

Yes, this is very very frustrating. We have clients dealing with same delays. The strike did affect CPP disability and they are now catching up. If you still don’t have benefit by June you can follow up again and if no explanation or timeline given, you can file a complaint with CPP ombudsman. That worked for one of our clients in past.

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