Medical Report on CPP Disability Application

Can a phycologist fill out the medical report for CPP Disability application?

The CPP Disability administration will never approve claims for people who do not have full support from their family doctor.

I haven’t applied for CPP-D and my neurologist knows my condition better than my family doctor so I would think any doctor would do.
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor but a psychologist is not so the answer is probably no.

But a psychologist could write a supporting report to include with your application-but a physician does the medical report

Technically, there is no legal requirement for a “physician” to fill out the CPP Medical Report - it can be filled out by any medical professional. There is nothing in the CPP legislation and regulations that say evidence has to be from a physician. This has been confirmed by the Social Security Tribunal Appeal Division.

However, they did note that having the right medical professional is important because it will increase the reliability and weight given to the report. Also, you have to make sure the person filing out the form is able to address all the sections of the report, including diagnosis, prognosis, etc. Commenting on those aspects are required under the legislation and regulations.

So practically speaking, you want doctors to do the reports because those reports are given more credit by CPP medical adjudicators and Tribunal Judges.

Please note that some Service Canada adjudicators or offices may say that you must have a doctor fill out the form. Technically they are wrong, but if you want to avoid a fight then the best thing is to get your doctor to fill out the form an supplement with a report from your psychologist.