CPP Disability Application - Medical Documents

Hi everybody,

For the people who have applied for CPPD due to Bipolar/Major Depression on the medical part, did you get your psychiatrist or GP to fill in the medical part or did you rely on checking it off to let the insurance company send in their file with the medical updates over time to CPPD?

Thank you

My psychiatrist and my psychologist filled out forms as well as wrote letters in support of my diagnosis (Major Depressive Disorder). I found that their input was more beneficial in helping me get approved for CPP-D.

I do not have Bipolar/Major Depression but a specialist doctor (Psychiatrist) is preferred over a GP.
Apparently sometimes the insurance company helps with applying for CPPD.
I don’t know since mine didn’t.

Yes mine insurance company when they accepted me for LTD has a note that they can help with CPPD. I know that is a standard line they have on all acceptance letters. I am always weary about the insurance company as they are always looking for their best interest and don’t know if they will help or hurt me in my application.

It saves them money if you get CPP-D. :slight_smile:-)
It would also save them money if you’re unsuccessful and they cut you off. :frowning:

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I had my psychiatrist fill out my form as I felt my GP was woefully out of his depth. I applied on the basis of rapid-cycling bipolar, GAD, neurocognitive disorder and PTSD.

However, I feel it was my supporting documentation that spoke to my functional limitations (including a statement from a vocational neuropsychologist that I likely couldn’t work due to my emotional state) that were the key to success rather than who filled out the forms.

My psychiatrist never even got a call.

You’re welcome to PM me for more details.

Best of luck.

I didnt tick off for the insurance company, I don’t trust them. My Dr, and counselor both wrote letters, and I submitted my report from my physiologist. Once I was approved I informed the insurance company.