Filling forms for CPPD

When filling out application for CPP-D, should I include the name of the independent medical examiner as one of the doctors I visited in the past 2 years? If so, should I include his report? (I’ve scribbled so many notes on what was wrong about it so it would be a hassle to get another). Thanks for the advice!

If it is in your favour then you should include it, if it’s not then why bother.

I’m assuming the insurance company for LTD send you for that.
I doubt it is useful.
Since it would be a hassle to get another copy, I wouldn’t bother.
Unless it is the sole medical evidence supporting your claim.

I included the Insurer “IME” reports, if you don’t the Insurer will. If you do not want to send your marked up copy then I would include the Doctor as being seen at the request of your Insurer. I would also include that the experience was traumatic and that the report was biased. You can request if sent by your Insurer that Service Canada either disregards the report or notes that it is disputed.

Leave it at that. Not to much-but enough if the report is used against you getting benefits you have put the report in dispute.

My spouse included an Insurer report and put the experience was traumatic and the psychologist breached his confidentiality.

Hope for the best but plan for the worst. I am not a lawyer–but this is my strong opinion.

I didn’t think Service Canada could talk to your insurer (at least mine can’t).

Your insurer can talk to Service Canada if you sign the form allowing them to communicate. I didn’t sign that form so I do all the communication with Service Canada myself. In this case you can choose what to send.

We did not sign the form to communicate but that did not stop GWL from sending all medical information to Service Canada. When you sign the form for LTD disability benefits you allowed the Insurer to communicate with almost anyone.

By not signing the form for Service Canada-you just blocked Service Canada from sending information.

Is Service Canada allowed to ask the insurer for medical information?
I’m surprised an insurer can share medical information, seems like a breach of privacy.

When you fill out your initial forms there is a very expansive privacy agreement that you sign allowing your Insurer to share information with just about anyone they choose. You will have the option at any time -usually in writing-to request otherwise .

I guess I’ll read it closer.

The intent of the CPP application is to include doctors you have seen for treatment. That being said, our policy is to provide copies of all medical evidence, even the IME reports etc which might be 100% in our favour. Better to get out ahead of any possible negative information so you can address it. In my experience SST judges appreciate it when people provide all the docs good and bad and will see you as a more credible person.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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