Lupus Patient (Auto Immune Disease)


Would a Lupus patient be entitled for an ODSP ?

I never contributed to CPP because I did not work for 5 years as i was raising my 5 year old child since I moved to Canada in 2013 as a permanent resident

My husband did contribute to CPP for the past 2 years but our earnings are less than 25000 per year

I have been unable to work or function due to extreme arthritis as well as several symptoms that i live with.

Please let me know my options

Thank You


Qualifying for ODSP is not based on the medical condition per se, rather to qualify you must meet the ODSP a defintion of disability AND have financial need.

The defintion of disability is on the ODSP website, but in summary you must have an impairment or condition that will last a year or more and that results in a substantial restriction in your ability to work, take care of yourself etc. To meet the financial need requirement you must have a very low family income. You would need to contact the ODSP program as the assessment is done on a case by case basis. They can also explain the ODSP requirements… Hope this helps.