Lupus Patient (Auto Immune Disease)

Would a Lupus patient be entitled for an ODSP ?

I never contributed to CPP because I did not work for 5 years as i was raising my 5 year old child since I moved to Canada in 2013 as a permanent resident

My husband did contribute to CPP for the past 2 years but our earnings are less than 25000 per year

I have been unable to work or function due to extreme arthritis as well as several symptoms that i live with.

Please let me know my options

Thank You

Qualifying for ODSP is not based on the medical condition per se, rather to qualify you must meet the ODSP a defintion of disability AND have financial need.

The defintion of disability is on the ODSP website, but in summary you must have an impairment or condition that will last a year or more and that results in a substantial restriction in your ability to work, take care of yourself etc. To meet the financial need requirement you must have a very low family income. You would need to contact the ODSP program as the assessment is done on a case by case basis. They can also explain the ODSP requirements… Hope this helps.

Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I’ve been reading a lot of articles a bout marijuana and how it can be at help at many kind of pain, lupus and chronic diseases including cancer just like this review on a marijuana strain from Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain. As you can see it has a number of medical properties. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

My friend uses it and it helps him.
It helps lots of people.
My neurologist doesn’t see any reason I can’t try it but he doesn’t think it’ll help me.

My husband has just started Nabilone …He says it helps some but I am not convinced. He has MS and his symptoms have gotten worse.

Nabilone is synthetic, maybe try natural Cannabis.
Maybe try one of the topicals.