Disability tax credit for long term illness

Hello all! Newbie here with a newbie question. I just learnt of this tax credit and have been ill for about a decade. Have been on Ontario works and then subsequently ODSP for just as long. I suffer from an array of symptoms and most are debilitating. Health deterioration lead to a diagnosis of Lyme disease and medical treatment after the diagnosis induced a brain injury that left me pretty much housebound/bedbound. My liver/body disposition could not handle any allopathic treatments or conventional treatments. Keep in mind that Lyme was not recognized in this province and there was no available treatment. This lead me on a journey to search for an alternative way to heal as pharmaceuticals caused my body to shut down.

I had to relearn how to speak/read/write again as my brain processes slowly healed over the span of 7 years and still continues to heal today but my daily life routines are hindered. Problems ranging from using the bathroom, inability to perform hygiene routines in a timely manner, to debilitating pain in my spine/joints causing pain when sitting or lying down. This is only the tip of the iceberg for symptoms. Sorry for the long winded post but I wanted to draw a picture of what I experience day in and day out for last decade or more.

Now I am wondering what my chances of qualifying for the Disability tax credit are. I have been treated by a naturopath for the majority of my illness and he knows my situation on a more personal level. The initial GP who diagnosed my Lyme and then caused the subsequent health crisis only knew me at the initial stages. How can I ask him to fill my forms if he barely knows what I have suffered?

I spoke to someone at CRA on the phone and they told me to just send it in and take my chances since it is a case by case situation. This is encouraging but my issue is that if I get my Naturopath to send in forms, it will take weeks to hear about their decision and if it is not approved that means I have wasted this time, and would have had better chances going back to my original GP?? It is a lot to handle especially for someone who doesn’t have the energy to do the run around. Can anyone advise me on the best course of action? Much appreciated.

It might depend on who reviews your file.
Is your naturopath an ND?
Is your brain injury supported by documentation (MRI).
Whoever fills out the forms should read the articles David has written.
I’d probably go with the ND.

@jammer Thank you for the prompt reply! Boy I’m going to need luck on my side if that’s the case.
Yes my naturopath is an ND. Does it make a difference? I don’t have any documentation for the brain injury by MRI, as restricted confined spaces weren’t ideal for my situation. But I do have some extensive test results that conclude there was deterioration in that realm. Whether these results are deemed usable and recognized by medical community is the question.

I was told I needed to fill out a large portion of the forms as they are “yes” “no” questions pertaining to the symptoms of the “patient”. I assume articles written by David would be of interest to me and my ND. Would you be able to point me in the direction of the appropriate articles?

I don’t know.
I assumed there could be “naturopaths” who are not licensed.

I think it really depends who reads the application.
It is worth applying.
I think how your daily life is affected is more important than a MD diagnosis.
It was years ago when I applied but I did attach a page to the yes/no questions that was detailed about my symptoms. It might all be online now.

@jammer You are right. Some NDs are not licensed and I’m glad you brought this up. Do you personally know someone who has had to go through this process with an alternative healer or even someone on this forum? I would love to get a first hand account of what the experience was like.

I don’t know anyone, sorry.
I did a search on the forum for “naturopath” and there were only 2 hits:

Good luck.

That’s more helpful information than I could find anywhere else. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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Just to piggyback on my old post to keep details of my situation together. I just heard back from the original GP who diagnosed my condition and said he cannot fill the disability tax forms due to the time lapse of appointments. I haven’t seen him since 2017. He didnt like the fact that I started seeing a naturopath on the side. He was the one who was able to help me get on ODSP when I was a patient. Now my naturopath is saying he can’t sign the forms because there are several symptom checkboxes that he can’t verify. This perplexes me as these were main points that were a majority of our discussions on my condition and what he tried treating me for unsuccessfully in past 8 years. Now they simply don’t exist?? Did he not take notes?! I have no other doctors other than my primary GP whom I only see for colds/flus or regular yearly check-ups. I’m at a loss of what to do from here.

You should contact Resolute for a free consult.

Just an fyi…a naturopathic Dr does not qualify as a medical Dr to certify the form.
This guide provide you with any questions you may have.
I have 16 years experience with CRA verifying these forms.

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Sounds like a medical doctor to me.
The CRA denies that?


To become a qualified ND one must graduate from a CNME-accredited naturopathic medical program.

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@jammer That’s exactly my question too. Not everyone can find the right treatment by regular medical doctors for their conditions. Sometimes it does take a network of different doctors to treat mysterious illnesses. This is very frustrating.

@Vicki Thank you for your insight. So do these naturopathic doctor cases get automatically denied?

Yes because the form clearly states as well as the guide that I’ve provided the link to above who is certified to be able to complete the form.
They will deny under the reason “not a qualified practitioner” when CRA sends a denial letter.

see the link I provided above for CRA Form T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate and the assossciated Guide with all the answers.