CPPd and ODSP clarity question

my question is for those in Ontario. If you get approved for CPP-D do you automatically get ODSP once you apply? I know ODSP is mainly income based, but I was just curious. If anyoneknows the answer that would be appreciated.

Nope, they are not related.
CPP-D is better IMO if you have worked.

Hi Smiley, ODSP is Ontario’s disability support program (known to many people as social assistance or welfare). It includes income support, rent support, employment support, medical/dental support, etc. If you are a member of a “prescribed class” you DO NOT need to go through the medical adjudication process. A person in receipt of CPP Disability benefits is a member of a “prescribed class” and is therefore already qualified for ODSP from a medical perspective. Similar rules also apply in other provinces (e.g. BC). This doesn’t mean you automatically qualify for ODSP since there are financial qualifications like income and assets (yours and family members). You’ll remember that your other sources of income and assets are not relevant for CPP Disability unless they are your personal employment income.

Here’s a link to the Ontario rules

The minimum that somebody receives on CPP disability is approximately $500 a month and the value of provincial social disability assistance payments like ODSP is much greater than $500. Provincial social assistance programs force people to apply for CPPD and then top up the benefits. If anyone has a very low income (i.e. only CPPD), they should absolutely investigate provincial social assistance.

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Thank you Joanne. My issue is I don’t need income support, but my issue turned from a mental issue to a physical one which there is no cure and the medication is very expensive…

Hi Smiley, The Ontario Trillium Drug Program is available to all Ontario residents enrolled in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, OHIP, and you don’t need to be on ODSP. Trillium covers a list of drugs for children, people over 65, people on social assistance and anyone who has high drug costs. You need to apply for Trillium. Your Trillium deductible, or the amount you need to pay out of your own pocket, is based on your household’s net income as reported on your recent income tax return. For example, if you are single and live alone, and had a net income of $30,000, your deductible will be approximately $961. Not all drugs are covered, and many drugs require your doctor to get special authorization from Trillium. Only those drugs covered under Trillium’s drug list, the “formulary”, count towards your deductible. Unfortunately, some of the most important and newest drugs may not be covered at all. I believe almost every province has a similar program and some of them are excellent. Of course, none come anywhere close to an excellent employer-provided drug plan, and your costs need to be quite high in order for you to benefit.

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I’m approved for cppd and getting 650 per month. Can I get ODSP as well. Just to let you know that my personal injury claim just got settled and I have 100k in my accounts.

What are my options for ODSP

ODSP is means tested so you can’t have much income or savings.
So you can’t get it.
Same with welfare.