Covid crisis and disability

What about those people who have chronic illnesses and are awaiting
For approval of their cpp-d application or non approval for that
Matter. They have no income because they have exhausted their
15 weeks sick leave they did make 5,000 last 52 weeks, do they not qualify for emergency response plan?? Who knows how much longer
They will take now to process cpp-d apps.

Maybe since they have closed Service Canada offices they have more people to process applications.
I have no idea but I wish you well.

I think right now they are trying to help those who lost their jobs because of the lockdown. But you can check with Service Canada. There are other programs that someone who has a disability and doesn’t qualify for other programs can apply like ODSP and Ontario Works in Ontario or something similar in other provinces.

And if you do not qualify for ODSp?. Why does one get punished
For having a chronic condition ?. CPP-d is partially what the individual
Pays into and if a physician states that the individual cannot be gainfully employed bc of the condition what is the problem it almost
Looks as though they look for things to not pay. And that’s when a lawyer steps in. And the6 can pay all legal bills too.

You’re not punished but they discourage people from going through the whole process so it costs them less.

Saying it is not enough.
How it affects your life is what matters.

Otherwise it would be easy and cost too much.
I think it is getting harder and taking longer to get.
I don’t know how paying a lawyer works but I think they get a percentage of the back pay you get.
Maybe they get a LTD insurance company not deduct that part, I don’t know.

I have no problem stating my facts and how it affects everything but they will be paying whatever percentage it’s costs me to plead my case.
And the suffering it caused putting me through it when a physician has clearly stated why.