Ltd and Cpp payments

Most Ltd insurance company’s don’t tell you that you have the option to apply for CPPD.
If you are on both for a long period like me 10+ years after checking with service Canada I will only receive $40 a month in OAS because I’ve been CPPD for a long period.
None of this was ever explain to me. Especially someone with a mental disability.
I always paid max CPP while working. What can I do now? Probably nothing - live in poverty at 65?

I am worried about what I get at 65 since I’m not making contributions to CPP anymore.
I know the years I don’t contribute to CPP while I am on CPP-D won’t count against me, those years won’t increase my pay at 65 either.
I think the longer you are from 65 when you first get CPP-D, the more you’re out at 65.
I don’t understand it.
I wish there was a way to estimate CPP but it is what it is.

Chester, your OAS amount only depends on how many years you lived in Canada as an adult. It doesn’t change if you are working or not working or on CPP. If you have a lot of OTHER income when you are over 65, you might have to pay extra taxes on OAS, but you would have to be making a lot of money from something else.

If you are low income, you will get your regular CPP plus your full OAS (if you lived in Canada your whole adult life) plus the Guaranteed Income Supplement. These three things together should bring you above the poverty line.

They usually have an incentive to tell you about CPPD because the insurer would have to pay you less (LTD payments less CPPD payments).

I think Everyone at age 65 will have a minimum of $19K annual income from govt if you have no other income. If your OAS is low, I think you’ll get a bigger GIS. Call them and ask them to send you an estimate of you pensions at age65. I think they do that.