Cppd approved - have questions

I just received the call today from the nurse that my cppd was approved. It’s still with a benefits officer so will be awhile before they call or a letter is sent. Will they notify my Ltd or when should I message my case manager. Also, I’m separated but have 2 kids, I forget on the initial application what I would have put down but can that be applied for after and sent to them or will service Canada already do that ? I don’t think they would but does Ltd take the child’s payments ?
And last question - I am just about to send my Ltd the health update forms from my drs - should I also request my case file ? I had to get a lawyer last year to go past 2 years and never asked for my case file. Hoping with cppd approved they are easier on me.

Most LTD insurers don’t take the kids’ CPP. It would be reasonable to just wait and see how things go if you want to instead of requestingr file now.

LTD deducts our kids payments. It’s crazy they’re allowed to do that.

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Your LTD policy contract will determine if the child portion of CPP-D will be deducted from your LTD payments. The written contract (along with the common law) is what dictates what an insurer can and can’t do. If you don’t have a copy of the policy contract, then ask your insurer to provide it to you.

Unless the insurance company is contacting you excessively or making statements that are concerning I would wait to ask for a copy of your case file. Your lawyer will have a copy of the case file from before, so you can ask your lawyer for a copy of that.

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Maybe I am an exception with CPPD clawback?

I signed the form for service Canada to send the back payments to the insurance company.

When I was approved for CPPD (upon request for review after initial denial) I was very surprised to receive quite a significant deposit to my bank account.

I immediately paid off my LoC and informed my case manager of the lump sum payment.

Apparently, Service Canada considers my disability as “pre-existing” and prior to application and approval for LTD, therefore the insurance company was unable to offset my CPPD.

The CPPD lump sum payment and additional monthly income has made a huge difference to my financial situation and meant I could keep my house, among other considerations.

I consider this being an extremely fortunate outcome.

Has anyone else had this situation?


That is very interesting. So CPP-D approved you for one disability and LTD approved you for a different disability that started after your first disability?

CPPD determined disability at one date which was referred to as “maximum retroactivity”; the insurance company determined disability as of a later date, therefore Service Canada stated my disability predated the insurance companies determination of disability for LTD approval.

Hope I’ve clarified the answer to your question!

Hmmm, I’m even more intrigued about the lump sum CPP-D retro payment being yours to keep. My policy states that insurer is owed funds paid by any government sponsored program for the same or subsequent disability.

Are they reducing your monthly CPP-D at all moving forward?

Thank you for your response.

I receive the CPPD benefit on a monthly basis, to the eligibility amount for my contributions over nearly 30 years of work.

I would have to look at the plan/policy details to provide any further information.

It’s been nearly three years since the CPPD approval with nearly four years since LTD approval.

Lump sum payment was for the maximum retroactive time frame.

I really never questioned the lump sum / monthly payment after it was stated by insurance company they had no claim and that the money was mine to keep…

I would like to reiterate that I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that the outcome of my situation enabled me to afford to keep my house, among other considerations. :pray:


me too. mind blown!!! It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The CPPD disability date was before the insurance company’s date for LTD.
Unusual but makes sense to me.

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Maybe… Difference in language?

Disability vs disabled? Or. Disabled vs disability?