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I am on WCB here in Alberta, after many operations and attempts to return to work the Doctors have made the call that there is no suitable employment options for me given my restrictions, WCB did their thing and put me off until im 65, my question is as my Case Manager is kind of unsure and really just kind of dodges the whole thing, but now that I am put off until I am 65, do I have stay in Alberta to receive my compensation payments, im not originally from Alberta, like many I moved here for work from out East.

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See page 7 of the Alberta WCB booklet


You may leave the province for a short time if your doctor and WCB-Alberta confirm your trip will not delay your recovery . If you move out of Alberta, your wage replacement benefits will not change unless the move delays your recovery and return to work. You must remain in regular contact with WCB-Alberta.”

I would send this to your worker and ask them to confirm that it’s the current booklet. Basically to get them to understand that this is correct so they don’t create hassle later.


I can’t answer for sure, but I will say that I am 99% sure you are free to move anywhere you want as long as you can continue the prescribed treatments and follow doctor orders. Moving outside of Canada would maybe be more difficult, but certainly moving anywhere in Canada is do-able. Sounds like @Caro provided some great info. By the way, welcome to the forums!


Awesome I will run this by my case manager and see what he comes up with, thank you for the reply its appreciated


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Thanks for the reply, its always good to know what my options are moving forward, there is no treatment plan or follow up doctors visits that are required moving forward apart from seeing what WCB calls an Independent Medical Examiner for my 3rd PCI assessment, I don’t want to make a move out of province and then have them become Difficult to deal with, they’ve been dodgy in past when this issue has been brought up. Once again thanks for the reply.


Just to repeat what others are saying. The only issue with moving is when you are in an active rehabilitation or treatment program in Alberta and the move would delay or prevent your recovery. If you are past that point, there should be no issue with you moving back East.

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