Moving province while on Workers Compensation

My wife is currently off work due to a workplace injury, but on a Workers Compensation claim through WorksafeBC due to a severe concussion suffered at work. She has not yet been moved to long term disability, but there have been possible discussions about this if her upcoming specialist treatment doesn’t help.
I am currently the main breadwinner, but, in a town this size, my salary here is significantly below what would be average for my position elsewhere, and so I am also looking for other employment, and have got quite far along they interview process with another employer – apologies I’m being a little vague here, but hopefully you’ll understand why I don’t want to state out too many specific details until anything is official, in case it doesn’t happen.
This new position would take us out of BC. The salary there is better, but we would still need a second income to survive – currently that’s my wife’s WCB claim, though we hope she will be able to return to work eventually – and we would not be able to afford to accept the new position if it would affect my wife’s ongoing WCB claim and/or her ability to get on LTD if necessary. It would also be a problem if WSBC was no longer able to do things like cover the cost of supplemental treatment (currently including regular physiotherapy multiple times a week) outside of BC.
Would moving out of province affect either of these things?

I couldn’t find the answer for BC and all Ontario says is it “may” affect the claim.
I’d ask the workplacebc people,
There is a contact form on their website.