Changing provinces while on LTD


I been off work since December 2016, i recieved short term disability for 16 weeks. i tried to go back to work before my short term disability expired but was unable to go to work. My employer told me to apply for LTD with sunlife. Am i able to move to another province while on Long term disability


The short answer is “yes”. You are not tied to a specific job or province if you apply for long-term disability. On the practical side, however, it can cause problems in that the insurer will take issue with fact that it is generally easier for a person to return from disability claim to their historical employer, than it is to seek out new employment. This is technically not relevant to the claim for disability, but it is something I believe is considered. The only other issue I see when people move is that they can’t find a new doctor and that is usually the source of the problems going forward. People can’t get regular care from a doctor and can’t get into the rehabilition programs, etc they were on in their former province. When you move you still have the obligation to have ongoing care form a doctor and to continue your treatment plan. My view is that you are not a prisoner and should move (or take a vacation) like any other person would – just keep in mind the things I say above.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Even during the termination period. See i get anxiety and sometimes panic attacks thinking about going back to work with my current employer. They suggested me apply for WCB which involves an internal investigation from the company and WCB for work place bullying. My biggest fear is my co workers say they didn’t bully me and im regected a LTD and WCB claim.


Your employer or insurer suggested WCB?
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Seek treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. Request a referral to a psychiatrist and maybe seek help from a psychologist.

Keep the focus on getting better as much as you can from your legitimate mental illness. Be careful you do not give the Insurer the ability to deny your claim based on a workplace issue and not an illness, WCB might be an option but you could get yourself in a position where your Insurer passes the buck onto WCB and then WCB passes the buck back to your Insurer.

Then you could end up with nothing. If your workplace is that severe you may want to explore your options with a lawyer.

Before you contact a lawyer write out a timeline of all the events that led to your disability and all the Doctors and testing you have had. Lawyers need the facts so they can give the best advice–and a timeline will keep emotions at bay–lawyers deal in facts,


tried doing that then say sent me to a drug and alcohol treatment center lol and i dont even drink or do drugs


My LTD insurance states that if illness has to do anything with alcohol and drugs then they won’t pay any benefits.


It’ll be interesting to see how an insurer deals with legal marijuana and mental health claims if it comes to that.