Is there any other benefits available while on CPPD+LTD?

Is there any other benefits available while on CPPD+LTD ? such as home support like cleaning, cooking meals or income supplement etc?

Mmm it depends on what provincial programs you have, what extended health insurance you have, how old you are, how much income you make, and what your specific problems are. There is a government benefits finder you can try, check your benefits provider, google around for disability.

Programs I have come across (but don’t necessarily qualify for myself) include coverage for prescription drugs, tax credit for medical expenses, disability parking permit, handydart buses, home assistance for palliative care, subsidized cleaning for the elderly, extra homeowners grant toward property taxes, the disability tax credit, registered disability savings plan (RDSP) grants and bonds and tax-free growth and not being deducted against other income for some purposes, GST/HST credit, subsidized housing, subsidized medical equipment like wheelchairs, free movie tickets for disability assistant, even special lineups at Disneyland so you can get a return time to ride instead of having to wait in person.

What province are you in?

im in British Columbia

So it would be under the health authorities then. The programs offered are not specific to CPPD+LTD though, anyone can get them as long as they meet the criteria. Here are two links. One has information and the other has the eligibility requirements:

Info: Home Support - Province of British Columbia

Eligibility: Are You Eligible? - Province of British Columbia

thank you so much for your help and informations, thanks a lot

In BC and Alberta there are internet and computer plans for low income families and supported by the Federal government. In summer of 2020 Telus extended Internet 25 with unlimited data to BC PWD, Alberta AISH and CPPD. The cost is … $9.99 …!!! This is quite good for one person doing normal things on the internet, including Netflix. It isn’t adequate for a family running several devices. Data is Unlimited. You cannot upgrade the speed with this deal. I was asleep when the banner flashed over the top of the bill “read about what we’re doing for the community during covid”. I never clicked on it for a year. I clicked on the other businesses, and they weren’t doing anything for me … lesson learned. If I had clicked last year I would have an extra $1,200 in my pocked.

In BC, half price on BC Ferries for you and an attendant. You need to apply for the card in advance. You CPPD proof (print off the Service Canada website) is all you need. The vehicle is still full price.