Next steps after approved application


Hi David,

I want to first thank you for all the information you provided in regards to CPP disability pension.
It was extremely helpful and made applying so much easier.
My application has been approved.
I would like to know what the next steps are. Are there benefits that cover fees for medication, dietary foods, medical supplies, etc.? If so, how do I go about attaining these things?

Thanks again!


CPP-D is a disability pension only. What Province are you in, as each province may offer additional benefits.

Tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities

Lines 330 and 331 – Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return


I live in Toronto, Ontario.


Awesome Levon.

See if you’re eligible:


There is also Ontario Works Program with or without disability.


Hi Jammer,

I’m already enrolled in TDP.



The other members have pointed you in the right direction on this one. CPP disability is only a monthly pension. You need to provincial programs like ODSP for other supports. These programs are usually based on your total family income so if you may not qualify based on income levels of others living in your household.