Approved for CPPD! I have questions!

Hi I was approved for cpp disability…ive never been on an insurance provider for any benefits previously and Im not sure what comes next?

-should I apply for the disability tax credit right away? Im in BC.
-does the cppd government ever call you or follow up with you to see if im still disabled?
-are child benefits automatically calculated into my back pay? And ongoing monthly payments? Im pretty sure that when I filled out the initial cppd benefit forms that i added all the information about my children then.
-ive checked my service Canada account and it still does not show anything proving that ive been approved? How long does it take? Still no payment info either but the lady did tell me it would take a month or two to see any money from them.
-is there anything else that I should know moving forward?

I also wanted to thank this forum and all the ppl who contribute to it as I did my homework! And read sooo many posts in here and it helped me considerably!! I feel that a large part of me beinf approved was that I followed lots of your guys advice and presented my forms and reconsideration letter in binders and very formal professional manner. Thanks guys, seriously! Best support out there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rose:

It did take a month or so for the money to come in.

My children were adults when I applied, but my youngest applied and gets 1 year of benefits during post secondary before he ages out. I seem to recall completing forms for the kids when my husband applied (they requested a confirmation of enrollment from their schools each September) Payments continue through summer btw.

It’s been since April 2020 and no one has called or checked in with me. My husband has been on it since 2012 and has never been contacted.