Finally, CPPD approved after tribunal!

Hello everyone

finally, i got CPPD approved, lm wondering what will be next? I’m wondering will I get a tax bill since the insurance company will reduce my monthly payment from CPPD and they will receive roll back amount from CPPD for amount of months since 2017 that I was covered by LTD , the LTD is not taxable and CPPD is , will I receive a tax bill because of that? And what will be next ?

The CRA is able to tax you in the specific years it would have been paid.
Apply for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit) to reduce your taxes.

Yup already applied for the DTC, is there any other benefits available to apply?

There may be public drugs plans in your province.
They might be limited to a certain age.
The is Trillium in Ontario but that has a minimum age.
If you’re under 49 you can get government money for an RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan).

Congratulations! It’s a long hard battle to win.