CPPD Benefit and Definition change of Disability after2 year mark


I have two questions. Kindly respond coz I am very stressed about my situation.

I am close to my 2 year mark where my insurance company says that the definition of disability changes. I wasnt aware of the CPPD benefit until I joined this forum a few days ago. Now in the worst case scenario if my insurance denies to continue my benefit by saying that I do not fall under their definition of disability, would I still be able to apply for CPPD benefit and get approved? I am no where close to being fully recovered and go back to work. Also due to some reasons, I cannot apply for CPPD before 2 months at the least.

Please advise

Hi Mathew,

It is very stressful, which sucks, but hopefully your concern will turn out to be misplaced. The uncertainty does take a toll.

In a worst-worst case scenario, there will be something you can qualify for. At a minimum there will be the generic welfare program run by your province under whatever name they are using now. There will also be an enhanced provincial welfare program for disabled people that will pay a bit more.

Second worst case, you can apply for CPPD. Unfortunately they are very, very slow in reviewing applications, so if your insurer does say that you won’t qualify, then I would encourage you to look into your provincial programs right away. Some provinces have programs that will help you with bridging the time period while you wait to get approved. Usually though if you qualify for CPPD you will also qualify for LTD. CPPD can help you survive while you appeal your insurer’s decision.

In the best case scenario, your insurer will agree that you are disabled under the new definition of disability. Mine did. We hear a lot about the horror stories and not much about the cases that just proceed normally. It is hard to not let your mind run wild with what-ifs when the personal consequences are so severe. Note that the any-occupation concept is not literally any occupation - I don’t know the full details, but there are some limitations about the type and nature and pay of work that is suitable for you. My policy said that I was Totally Disabled unless I made a certain percentage of my pre-disability base pay. I understand from the lawyer who runs this site that a concept like that applies even if your policy is not explicit.

You will probably need to apply for CPPD either way. Under most LTD policies the insurer can deduct the amount of your CPPD from the amount that they pay you so you will probably be expected to apply for it if they do agree that you still qualify as disabled under the new definition.

So I guess my main advice is to try to just let things play out, do a bit of research on the alternative programs that might be available to you so you can act quickly if you need them, and hope for the best.

I applied before the 2 year mark but that was years ago.
You should be able to apply right away but they are very, very slow.

In case you haven’t seen it, here are some great guides
to applying for CPPD:

thanks for giving your suggestions. Really appreciate it.

I agree with all the comments here. Wow people are really giving great tips. You are not too late to apply for CPP disability. I would recommend get a free download of my book and ordering a free copy of our CPP Application Workbook. That will take you step-by-step through the application process.

The two year mark for LTD is a stressful time. This is when may LTD claims will get denied because the insurer will claim there is “other” work you could do. Don’t lose how, these denials get overturned all the time. However, it will be smart to get your CPP disability application going ASAP just in case.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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They will try to get everyone off at 2 the year mark. Some people don’t fight it and thats what they hope for. They have to have medical documentation that says you can return to work. If your soctors haven’t given that then they have no leg to stand on. Simply appeal and ask them to provide a medical report that states you can return to workand you will. They probably won’t be able to so they will continue your benefits with no question. Thats what I did.
Cppd is to your benefit especially if you will be off potentially til your ltd runs out at 60 or 65. Collecting it now will help you get the maximum for when your ltd runs out. You will have to pay the insurance any retroactive payments you may have been entitled to. Good thing is that even though ttd will reduce your payment by the amount cppd pays they cannot touch the increases every year. So they only get the the amount that you qualified for monthly in the first year. You will ahead little by little.