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Gwl called to ask if I thought I would be fit to back to work soon I said they should speak to my doctor as I have Parkinson’s I don’t think I will be able to go back to work but don’t know what to tell them. As part of my Parkinson’s i speak quietly and mumble it very frustrating speaking on phone

Could you work if you didn’t have to speak on the phone?

If you have enough symptoms that you think will prevent you from working at any job and your doctor will fill out the forms, apply for CPP-D.

Regardless of that apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

You should not even ever be questioned when you have Parkinson’s! My heart goes out to you. You should have no issues applying for CPP-D or the tax credit, if you have not done so already.

Thanks for the support it’s not just a phone issue there are a lot of issue that will stop me from working but I worry that I’m not getting problems across properly

Parkinson's disease - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic Print off tis from the Mayo Clinic-check off what issues you are having-send or email to case manager.

Definitely get CPP-D and the disability tax credit.
I don’t know anything about parkinsons but I wish you well.
If you haven’t applied for CPP-D yet, read the guide:

There is no guide for the DTC yet and apparently it is harder to get now than when I got it.

I would tend to do the same thing for both, write a story of your typical day.
Write about things you can’t do and things you have trouble with (ie. speaking is frustrating, etc).
I think the key is that everything adds up.
My specific condition affects each person differently.
Proving the medical part diagnosis was easy because I have a genetic diagnosis.
Proving how it affects me was mostly describing how I felt.
I assume it was approved because how I felt and my description of the difficulties I have (physical and cognitive) corresponds to my disease.
I don’t know if Parkinsons affects your handwriting but if it does (my disease affects mine), you can add your responses on typed pages to your application.

You have handled this correctly. Your doctor is the best one to advise them of your restrictions and limitations. If you believe you cannot work it is ok just to come out and say so the the insurer. If they say how to you know that if you haven’t tried? Prepare to give them examples of problems functioning in every day life tasks an daily routines that would show your abilities are not compatible with showing up daily to a job.

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