Approved for CPP-D!

I want to thank @David_Brannen and especially @Steve1959! I submitted my application at the end of November 2019 using advice from this site and help from Steve. This morning I checked (like I always do) and noticed it said Complete. I called and it was approved from December 2018 (my illness date is May 2017)
I would never have been able to do this (and get it right the first time) without this site and the users who offer up advice.

Thanks everyone!

My application included:
application typed up
my family doctor signing the medical form
her medical notes and a letter indicating reasons why I am unable to be gainfully employed
an independent medical exam report from the psychiatrist hired by my insurer
a report from my ongoing and treating psychiatrist why I am unable to be gainfully employed
a report from my ongoing and treating psychologist on why I am unable to be gainfully employed
all the medical professionals who treated me for my illness
a complete medication report and info sheet for each medication for 3 years from the pharmacy
and of course, my personal story. I wrote a cover page, adding each illness and symptom and describing how my life was affected by each/combination of them. I went deep people - how I felt like a horrible mother and wife for being disconnected and a disappointment, how I feel at a loss without a career I fought and worked so hard to earn. Because it’s true.

They did request an updated report from my psychiatrist and psychologist, but I never received a phone call.
I am unsure about applying for the disability tax credit at this time. I am just going to go have a good relief cry and maybe a good nap after that :slight_smile:


That is great to hear, congrats.

Great news. Congrats

You should apply for the DTC. Especially because cppd is taxable and if you have a spouse you can transfer the credit to them to claim and get a nice refund every year.

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The DTC is on my to do list!
I am still going through the legal process with my former employer (fired for having an overpayment with the disability insurance company) and I have just started the process of filing a Veteran’s Affairs claim for issues from my military service in the 90s.

Go for the disability tax credit next. Worst case scenario and how your daily life is impacted by your conditions. The combination of different conditions both physical and mental can get you approved. Tell them how you suffer and have trouble getting out of bed,dressing,walking ,etc… Tell them what a typical day is like for you. Your words in a letter or letters can make a difference. Doctors reports and medical repirts should be sent but make sure you have your say through letters. If you forgot something then write again. If your not fine then dont ever say you are with the words like sometimes, some days feeling great etc…