Application for CPPD

Hi all! When applying for CPPD it asks if I want the insurance to send medical report or my family dr. What do you do?

Hi Chantal,

I let my insurance company send the medical file and I don’t recommend it. In my case I applied for CPPD in March 2019 and the insurance company sent a medical that only covered the period up to July 2018. It was lacking information to be up to date. Service Canada simply sent a letter to my specialist (oncologist) and family physician. They asked very specific questions on my condition and ability to work. So if your insurance company wants to send your medical file have a discussion with them to ensure that it is very current.

If I had to do it all over again I would have had my family physician fill out the medical report. I was declined CPPD so now I am requesting a reconsideration. Make sure your doctor completely understands that he/she must show how your medical condition leaves you unable to work at any occupation. He/She can’t simply say you are too sick to work. The report must indicate that your medical condition is severe and prolonged and that it leaves you unable to be gainfully employed at any occupation.

Don’t forget to review David’s CPPD Blueprint. Don’t be shy to write lots of detail as to how your medical condition(s) leaves you unemployable.

All the best.


I think detail is key.

Now is not the time to downplay your condition, be realistic.

A question for the forum members and David.

I was denied CPPD Benefits on my first application. Denial letter was dated June 20, 2019. I immediately sent a letter to CPPD informing them that I will be requesting a reconsideration and that I would provide further details on my reconsideration at a later date. I do have until approximately September 20, 2019 to submit my reconsideration (90 days from letter dated from CPPD).

Notwithstanding, I did receive a phone call from Service Canada on July 19, 2019 indicating that if I am not waiting for results from lab testing, doctors report, etc then I will have to provide my reconsideration information in one month. I informed Service Canada that I just received my CPPD file (requested through Access to Information) and that I will be reviewing this and providing a written response for my reconsideration application. Service Canada informed me that they will be sending a letter (dated July 19, 2019) giving me 30 days to respond to my reconsideration request and then they will be passing my file for adjudication with or without my response.

My intent is to send Service Canada a reply to this forthcoming letter informing them that I have 90 days from the date of my CPPD denial letter to respond to my reconsideration request. As long as I am within this 90 day timeframe then I should be fine.

My question is if they send me this letter and I respond by saying that I have 90 days to finalize my reconsideration request will I be fine with this or am I risking Service Canada rendering a decision on my reconsideration request 30 days from July 19, 2019?


Please forgive me for understanding all the dates, I lose track easily some times.
SC is sending you a letter that you have 30 more days but you intend to reply saying you have 60 more days?

If SC does give a decision in 30 days and then you hire a lawyer because you had 60 days then are you sure that’s a fight you can win?

I wonder why you are writing SC letters telling them what the law says?

My opinion is that you should be following the dates SC is giving you.
That said, I would phone SC and ask why it is not 60 more days.
Could the law have changed?

Good luck.

Hi Jammer,

The law didn’t change. I just looked up the article in the CPP act and it clearly states 90 days to request a reconsideration. The SC person on the phone simply stated that if I am not waiting for lab tests, specialist appointment, etc then I will only have 30 days to provide my written response. SC indicated that the letter from them indicating this was placed in the mail last Friday. Not sure why they want to push my file through to adjudication in 30 days but…