Disability or CPP Advice

My wife has struggled for many years and approximately 10 years ago things kind of exploded and she would not go to work and remain in bed for days, weeks and sometimes months in bed and would not get up for anything.
Over the last 10 years she has been hospitalized 3 times. Since Dec 2016 she has not worked. She was afforded Disability payments from her workplace and during the 1 1/2 years away from work finally got to see a psychiatrist who treats her and diagnosed her with PTSD and Bi Polar and my wife also participated in a programme that everyone had hoped would help her.

My wife went back to work in June and after about month she has again stopped going to work and getting up from bed. Over the last 10 years she has spent 5 of them in bed. There is no exaggeration as it is documented.

Her workplace cannot fire her because she is sick however have said they would give her a position number but no work. She is part of a union. I have no idea about Disability but I’m going to assume that be3cause she has been on Disability for 1 1/2 years she would have been cut off these benefits anyway.

Bottom line is she cannot work. How does she go about getting classified as being too diabled to work. Can she collect CPP. Any kind of answers or advice would be appreciated.

Not having any money come in just adds to her depression more.

Thank you

If she is over 40, see if she qualifies for cpp-disability and apply.
If she is under 40 or doesn’t seem to qualify for cpp-disability, contact Resolute for a free consult.

Why has she not applied for disability through her group policy from work? She needs to do that asap as there is often a time limit to file a claim. Even if she gets denied for short term you would still apply for long term and appeal the short term.

For CPP-D she needs her Doctors support as well as for disability through work. You need to move fast on the group plan.

Request the books from this site https://resolutelegal.ca/resources/free-disability-books-guides/

I’m not at all familiar with Union disability rules for your wife, but it sounds like she may have a chance with CPP-D. I highly recommend downloading and reading through the Practical Guide for how to apply for CPP disability & The CPP Disability Approval Blueprint that are available on this website.

Personally, I found the information very valuable in organizing my medical & work history in preparation of my recent (April 2017) application to CPP-D (I’m 38yrs old with MS). Even just reading through the information downloads, I felt a little better, and not so “lost” attempting to tackle the (seemingly overwhelming) CPP-D application.

I’m so glad to hear that the two of you have plenty of documentation, more is always better I think! The Community/Discussion Forums are a great resource as so many of us here are in situations dealing with medical/LTD Insurance/CPP-D questions etc.

You could also look into having your wife apply for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit).

Good luck to you both.

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With her Insure and even with her work you can be her representative-they will request she signs a form that allows you to speak on her behalf. She maybe able to have her old claim re-opened and given her condition she was not mentally/medically able to apply earlier.

Please move fast in getting the claim opened under her group-contact her union to for guidance.