CPP-D reconsideration got denied

Hello everyone,

my CPP-D got denied 2 times, and now my insurance company wanted me to appeal to the SST. reason is not severe and prolonged. Also noted that my specialist noted that previously never recommended off work and getting back to work will benefit to my illness. However, every time he said that my illness have no improvement in person and never told me to gradually get back to work. If he did, he already give me a doctor note in order for me to arrange to get back to work… but never did … Im so depressed, now ended up I lost my job, and forced to appeal to SST.

I also read somewhere in this forum that the ESCD requires to call me few times before sending out the decision letter but never did.

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Get a new specialist if you can. Some doctors will look at your history and base their diagnosis on the previous doctor you were seeing.

I guess getting a new specialist need a new referral from gp? So how it works when having two specialists seeing me in the future ?

So your specialist wrote in his notes that you can return to work but said in person that returning to work didn’t improve your symptoms but he never wrote that down?
I think your specialist needs to write a better report.
I would ask a lawyer.

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Yes always said I don’t have much improvement and always said that I’m not ready to get back to work but on the report is different story . If he did offer me to get back to work, he should already issued a formal doctor note for me to return to work

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