Tinnitus, Migraines, chronic back pain

Hi there

I am considering applying for CPP disability benefits, I have a variety of problems and chronic pain as the result of 5 motor vehicle accidents, (herniated disks and whiplash.)

I have chronic tinnitus, and migraines, and a variety of injuries that cause pain. I’m also under a lot of stress. I manage to work and then I get knocked down with a really bad migraine that will last several days.

I’m not sure how to approach the application process - whether I should focus on one condition - or all of them together.

I try to deal with the pain using natural methods as I find the pain killers and muscle relaxers prescribed by the doctors and so strong that I can’t function.

I’m hoping you can advise me.



You’re allowed to work but not full time (I think the limit is $15k/year).
Working at all when you apply may cause a denial (just my opinion).

I live alone and am self employed, there’s no way that I could not work at all and pay my living expenses…frustrating…

Ya but it’s not over yet.
I know waiting is hard but hope for the best.

How do self employed people contribute to CPP?
Is there an extra tax form?

We contribute on our income taxes.

Do you have the disability tax credit?
If not, apply for that too.

good idea… I haven’t applied for disability because I was told I have to be without work for 9 months, how do people that are alone and self employed support themselves for 9 months? I want to continue to work - but not in a full time capacity.

I’m turning 60 and can draw out my CPP soon, but would prefer disability as it’s more money and I would qualify, but I just can’t go 9 months without an income. Apparently once you start CPP, it’s hard to change over to disability. A friend who drew his CPP out at 60 was denied disability, he is now 62 and he became a quadriplegic 6 months ago, the system is ridiculous.

Ya, you can only get regular CPP for a few months before you can’t switch to CPP-D.

I haven’t heard of the 9 months.
My CPP-D took 4 months and I thought that was a normal time frame.

Have you read this: