In progress, 175 days?

25 years same employer - Diagnosed with C-PTSD - Doctor has said I am unable to work at any job , and that he expects my condition to last more than 1 year , that he recommended I stop working , not able to return to the workplace, as per the medical application he filled out. Receiving LTD but payment amount has been reduced since April 2019 by what I *may get from CPP-D . Applied for CPP-D after 13 months of disability after a failed attempt of 2 months return to work after the initial diagnosis was made Dec. 2017. Went back to work in February , off again in March of 2018 and off since.

On the website for CPP-D the information says “in progress” , direct deposit information has been there since about the 3rd month, estimated monthly CPP benefits says you are eligible with amount estimates, payment information says “You can view your amounts for the last 2 years…” a generic statement. I have not called CPP as the information they have would be parroted according to the .
Will calling make a difference? Is 6 months with no decision normal? Thank You,

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When I applied at a Service Canada office they said to call in 4 months.
I have heard the backlog is more than 4 months now but I would call.
You might be able to find out how long the backlog is.
OR they could be waiting for more information from your doctor.
Either way, you might find out something.
Be calm and polite though.

Good luck.


Called them , backlog is 6 months at the moment - the Lady was quite helpful and pleasant. Hoping for the best- thank you for the reply…

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Did they mean they are making decisions at around the 6 month mark? Or it’s taking them 6 months longer? My husband is around 5 months since he applied right now. He called last month and told they were weren’t waiting on any more information but may take until November.

Wonder if that’s changed at all?

Sounds like it is 6 months instead of 4 months.
I find it hard to believe it would be a year now but it is the government.
I hope both of you hear early November.

Good luck.

Hi Jane , the Lady I spoke with said about 6 months turnaround time - so about 6 months from time of application being received. She said f I didn`t hear anything by end of October , to call again. Sounds like your Husband applied in May - 6 months, November.Think the 4 months was a time frame from some time ago judging by the posts here only.

Hoping the best for you. Peter.