195 days on reconsideration decision need more medical info

hi all im new here and thanks for all the help ive read here on cppd its a wealth of knowledge.i applied in jan 22 2019 but got denied i dont believe they reviewed it.applied for reconsideration an was recieved june 3 2019.i waited 200 days so far as cra was backlogged an could not get a strait answer finally they said im being reviewed and they send a request to my doctor for more info.the doctor allready told them i cant work at any job what more could they need im nervious of this an have waited to long.in my online account status says complete an hasnt updated sincemy first denial but my banking info is there and in the estimated cppd benifits rate has changed nov 23 as well as my cpp contrabutions nov 23 as well anyone else have date changes in november at the bottom of there web site on msc .what could they need from my doctor now should i contact my doctor to assure these forms get sent an ask him what they need anyones msc accounts update nov 23 it will be well over 200 days before i know there decision madning

this is strange because over the last few months i phoned in need 15 days need 15 more days blah blah every time i asked do you require more info from me or the doctor they said no a decision will be made soon but now request more info frustrated

I don’t think those are the right things to look at on the website.
I think the section “payment information” is relevant.

More detail on how your condition affects daily living?
I have no idea.
The original denial should give a reason for denial which might give you a clue as to what they want from the doctor.

I sympathize.
It used to be it took 4 months but now it is probably 6 months.
It takes some people years.
The “complete” it says on the website is probably from the original application, I doubt it gets reset.

ty jammer i was thinking they were going to approve me an only sent doctor info to see how far back to go for retroactive im only guessing hopeing because for months they said no more info is required but if this were the case there would be an update on msca and i dont see that yet

I thought (maybe mistakenly) that appeals didn’t take as long as the first decision.

I would keep calling every week.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease… :slight_smile:
Make sure you mention that your appeal was accepted June 3, 2019 (I don’t like counting days unless it is business days in which case people should say “business days” IMO. :slight_smile:
I think saying June 3 is better. :slight_smile:
It’s probably a real busy time of year for them.

I just noticed you said CRA in the original post and not Service Canada.
I’m guessing that is a typo.

ty jammer yes cra typo my bad and thanks for the advice however i did get a letter in the mail saying need 30 days to request more info from my doctor so i will wait till mid january to call back should i contact my doctor about this or just roll with it

It depends on how approachable your doctor is.
The secretary for my neurologist is very prompt to respond to my emails.
If I had a medical question specific to me then I would probably have to go in.
I would probably phone or email your doctor to see if they can tell you if they got the request for more information and whether you should make an appointment or if they can estimate when they expect to respond to Service Canada.
Stay on top of is in your best interest.
I kinda doubt phoning anybody over the holidays will be useful (but if nobody is there they might have a message saying when they will be back :-)).
Best wishes.

Your doctor needs to state a ‘specific’ diagnosis. Just saying you cannot work is not good enough.