Approved but still waiting for cheque


Hi all I’ve been approved since last Tuesday and was told by jan 31 and still nothing in the bank. :roll_eyes:


Are you set up for direct deposit with Service Canada?


February 1

Are you set up for direct deposit with Service Canada?
Yes i gave them all my banking info

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I would phone them.
Mine missed the cutoff for the normal pay day but they made a special pay day a few days after.
They can tell you on the phone exactly what is going on.


This similar to what I’m experiencing. I have been told by two people I contacted that according to one employee, some sort of decision has been made, then told by another that I’m approved and it is in the financing department and then told by another that no decision has been made and they don’t know how the others could have seen different. This has been going on since Jan 23… still no letter, payment or call.
I have no clue what’s going on.


Wow, that is frustrating.
I would call and tell them the dates you phoned before and what you were told.


Thanks, I will call again Monday. Has anyone else ever been told their application is in the finance department which means it’s approved. I would hate to think a person would tell me I am and then I’m not!


Thank you yes i did leave a message.


@chantal let me know how your case unfolds


Did you receive anything yet @chantal


I’m now about three weeks since the service Canada worker told me she can tell my claim has been approved due to where my file is sitting, but there still is no formal decision posted on my application. The woman told me it’s just there waiting for the grant to be released. For three weeks!? I wish they would just post the decision and send the letter. Ugh. The best info I got though is when I went in person and sat down with a service Canada employee.


Sheesh, after 3 weeks, they should be able to say “the letter has been sent out”.
I would call again and explain it has been 3 weeks.
Hopefully you’ll talk to someone more useful


Thank you to everyone who responded during this journey🙂
I see in service Canada my application is complete and shows my monthly amount. My last question is, does that amount include the children’s benefit?


I have no idea about the children’s benefit.