Does online show they got my application for CPP-D?


My Service Canada Account (online) says for CPP:

Your net monthly payment is:

I didn’t look before I applied.
Does that mean they got my application?

Cpp payment unknown vs unavailable

Yeah Jammer-it does mean they got your application!!!


Thanks, good to know.


how do you access this info online? I have an account, but do not see an option to check on CPPD. Thx


Go to my service canada account and sign in. Click on view my payment information under CPP. If it says unavailable and has your account number then they have received your application. If it says no payment information-then they have likely not or not entered it yet in the system.


Mine says “unavailable” but doesn’t have an account number.
Does that mean they got my application but it hasn’t been read by anyone yet?


It means they have your application. It will stay unavailable until approved.


I got a letter today from SC saying they got my application for CPP-D.
The letter is dated July 22 and there is no stamp on the envelope (it just says “postage paid lettermail”).
I’m a bit concerned if I am denied since I need to appeal within 10 days (some unreasonable insurance time frame IMO) and if the mail takes that long to get to me…


You’ll have 90 days to ask for reconsideration.


I remembered incorrectly.

The letter from the insurance company that I signed said I would notify them within 10 days of any decision by SC and I would appeal anything within 60 days.


Oh, I did not sign that one. They can’t let it go. They send me letters every month reminding about it. But I fax all the communication from Service Canada to them anyways.


My application status online shows completed but no payment info. Does this mean I am denied again???


no-but it means a decision has been made. Someone posted earlier that theirs said completed for 2 weeks and was approved.


I called them today and the rep said she didnt know because its a new system. I told her i am waiting on a decision for a reconsideration…they seem to be all over the place now telling me to call back in 10 working days. I had hoped once they had my lawyer letter it would be approved.


Do you think knowing that you have a lawyer affects their decision?


Wait for the letter. It will arrive soon.

Can I ask you what additional information did you send for your reconsideration stage?


I hope it does. I think lawyers know how to word certain things and I have faith iny lawyer due to his great reputation.


Yes I do think it affects their decision. That’s why I hired a lawyer.


Mine says “received March 13, 2018. In progress” Is this a good sign? no word if it’s approved or not.


It’s not a bad sign and it’s not a good sign.
It just means it is in the queue to be processed.
Call after 4 months.