I receive an award from WSIB for permanent pshychiatric and physical impairment. Does CPP have the right to deduct this from my monthly payment?

hi everyone:
many years ago I got injured and received a fell award for 15% phychiatric and 5 % for permanent injury.

Does CPP have the right to remove that % from your your cpp payment when it is an award given to you? This would be a big amount taken away from my CPP payment. From what I understand that is not something they would remove and consider income due to it being for psychiatric and permanent injury. I get this for the remainder of my life no matter what.
Can someone help me with this one. I am just in the process of applying for CPP.

Read this wrong.
No, CPP-D (I hope that’s what you’re applying for) won’t deduct it but an insurance company may deduct it from your LTD.

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