CPP-D Appeal - Does LTD Status Affect Decision?

I know I have read about this here before, but can’t find the post I was looking for. I got a call from a nurse from CPP-D today regarding my request for a reconsideration from my initial denial. Since the first decision, I have been approved for LTD by my insurance company. Aside from that my health situation hasn’t changed. I’m not expecting a win this time either, but does anyone know if having LTD through my insurance co affects the decision for CPP-D? Obviously I have been found by insurance to have a disability, but also why would CPP-D care to essentially pay my insurance co? Thanks!

No, CPP-D has a stricter level of disability.
The reverse is true, having CPP-D makes it more likely to have a sucessful LTD claim.

Yes, I know it’s harder to get most often. I was wondering if having LTD made it even less likely. Guess I’ll find out soon enough!

I don’t think so.
Either you qualify medically or you don’t.
Maybe if it is a 50-50 decision then subconsciously the Service Canada might but I doubt they would be able to on purpose.
I could be wrong though.
Just my opinion.

Thank you!
I just got word that I have been approved for CPP-D. I wasn’t expecting that, so that’s good. Hopefully there won’t be a mess with my insurance company LTD payments during the change in who covers what percentage.

In my experience it is not a big factor. Each insurance company or agency will make a decision based on the paperwork and information they have.

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It should cause your insurer should be Moore concerned about more then you though…Considering CPP-D will pay your half or up to $1100.00 or around and in turns helps your insurer so you shouldn’t be worried at all about it either way your getting paid…If you paid all your benefits %100 its tax free and cpp-d is taxable so if you end up getting it just have $20 a month taking off extra Just relax I never dealt with cpp d at all my insurer did it all hence it’s saves them money …The retro they send you will have to be looked at then sent to insurer or cpp-d I forget then you pay tax that’s great 2 G.L