CPP Disability and working income

I applied for CPP Disability in August 2017 (herniated disc impinged on spinal cord causing severe nerve damage - Cauda Equina Syndrome). Up until my injury I was working. So, in those first seven months of 2017 I would have earned far more than the $5500 limit that CPP Disability allows for working income.
Would this mean that if I get benefits (no decision has been reached yet) that I would get nothing for 2017? What time frame does CPP Disability use to determine that $5500 limit. Is it 12 months from when you were injured or is it the calendar year?
Anyone know?

It is from when you applied so no problem earning money before the injury.
It is max 12 months but could be less.
I got 8 months back pay I think.

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Okay. Thank you for the info.