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Hello, Please help. I applied for LTD 3 months ago. My psychologist filled out ALL the attending physician statements. My family doctor is useless, lazy OHIP doctor. Refuses to fill out any forms. And my psychiatrist has left the country for undetermined amount of time. The company refuses to review the attending physician statement completed by my psychologist, and is demanding reports from my psychiatrist. Any advice for next steps?


Unfortunately you fall right into the LTD denial trap. If possible attempt to have a copy of the Psychiatrists report sent to your GP and then put pressure on the GP to properly fill out the forms. In all likelihood you’ll be denied anyway as this is what insurance companies are good at. Don’t delay, hire a lawyer.


Who filled your STD forms?

Lack of support from your doctors is quite convenient for insurance companies. They don’t need to apply much effort to delay or deny your case.

Most OHIP doctors are very helpful. You need doctors to support you in anything whether it is STD, LTD, CPP-D, DTC or work related issues. If it is not the case then it is time to search for new doctors that will support you.

Psychiatrists usually ask their colleagues to look after their patients when they go away. See if your psychiatrist has anyone to substitude him.

Disability lawyers have their own doctors as well. Not sure but if you see a lawyer they may refer you to a psychiatrist for an evaluation.


Any doctor that treats you has an obligation to fill out the forms required by Insurers and for other disability benefits. If they refuse you can ask the college of physicians in your province to help and also help you to find a more supportive doctor.

You also can request and pay for photo copying your medical records and ask your pharmacy to print out a a year or more of your prescriptions to send.

You could also look at trying to check yourself in to psychiatric part of hospital if you are very distraught. Those records can help too


I support the going into inpatient for help, i’m sure this is not helping how u feel.


If the insurance company requires a report form a physician then you have no choice but to provide one. You either have to repair the relationship with your current doctor (ideal situation), or find a new doctor (last resort only). A lawyer may be able to help you, but if you aren’t under regular care of a doctor there may not be much a lawyer can do. A lawyer can send you for a one-time medical evaluation with another doctor, but that can’t take the place for being under regular care of a doctor who will fill out forms for you.

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