Sun Life LTD denied because of part of doctor's report

I am on DI for extreme anxiety, depression and PTS since Nov 2017. My LTD claim was refused today July 23rd because Sun Life said the doctor’s report was showing that in Feb 2018 I could not return to work because of a cold - anxiety was not indicated. Sun Life told me that my doctor needed to provide another detailed report for the whole period again. I am freaking out. I cannot think straight at the moment. Could anyone provide information as to if my file could be refused again? How long does something like this take? I am loosing everything. I have been without money since Feb 2018. Could you please point me in the right direction. Anyone going throught this? Thank you so much for your help.

Apply for EI Sick Benefits ASAP

The PTS diagnosis should be in the doctor’s report too.

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Hi thank you for your suggestions. Done. So what happened so far is Sun Life refused my case because they said that they could not understand the severity of my problem and needed more info from my doctor. My doctor provided more detailed info. SL is now telling me that they are sending my file to their physicians for explanation because they STILL can’t understand the severity of my problem. I am getting help in the meantime from a therapist…twice a week, my medications were raised,… do I have anything to worry about? What does being sent to their physicians mean? Thank you for your help. I really appreciate.

I have had my file “sent to their physician’s” as well more than once. They have Doc’s they pay to review claims files to see if they concur with treatment and diagnosis. As far as the denial goes, that was an oversight on the docs part. Always, review your docs forms to ensure they are relevant to the reason you are off work. Also, if you have coverage for a psychologist, that will assist them and you with any difficulties a bit more as they will defer to them rather than a GP for a lot of info. Try to see if you can apply for CPP or EI for money. I feel for you, we’ve been there, it is crazy stressful. It will get better.

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Apply for EI Sick Benefits.
Not sure if applying for CPP is a good idea, CPP-D yes if it will be prolonged.

Sun Life is dragging their feet -it is now almost September. It is time to start thinking about lawyering up.