So Frustrated when your own doctor doesn’t support u

I’m on LTD work insurance for about a year and it’s so frustrated when my own doctor doesn’t support my depression illness , also he’s kinda lazy to fill out forms which he doesn’t get any benefits to fill one out, looks like my LTD will be end soon if his statement against me. Please advise what can I do Thanks

Asked to be referred to a psychiatrist for a medication review. Also a psychologist would be helpful.

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my doctor is a psychiatrist already, I talked to my family dr and he said I already have a psychiatrist and I can’t have two psychiatrists at the same time. The insurance company sent forms directly to my psychiatrist, if I have a new psychologist, is this the one to fill out the form? The insurance company may asked why to send forms to the new psychologist instead of the current psychiatrist which already seeing me for a year?

I find they usually like psychologist reports as the psychiatrist’s usually aren’t as detailed. Also, don’t be surprised that even though the doc doesn’t seem to support you. You may still be eligible. Just because they don’t “approve” of you being off work, doesn’t mean they can shut you down. I find some are just jerks. However writet a fairly objective report. Good luck.

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You are still on disability so your Doctor must offer some support. Asking to also see a psychologist for therapy offers another perspective and help.

Hang in there. My spouse saw two specialists that he thought were against him and not supportive–both Doctors ended up writing very objective reports.

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I had the exact problem with my psychiatrist until he retired recently. To add insult to injury he referred me to a gp. I have been trying to find a psychiatrist on my own but it is now going well. My psychiatric nurse who is on the government payroll promised to get me one five times. So far nothing. We need private medical care in this country. Government has failed us. This system is causing me severe stress and making me more ill.

My private psychologist is excellent but she charges me $400/week.


Believe me you wouldn’t want that if you knew what it is. I lived in other countries. Nothing is better than Canadian healthcare.

I agree Elaine. It would be nice if we could chose to hire doc’s if we cannot get one through the provincial plan. Where I live I have only a Nurse Practitioner as we have an extreme doc shortage. An option to pay for and see a doc a few times a year would be great.

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I cover this issue in by book: A Beginner’s Guide to Disability Claims in Canada. There is a process you should go through that ends with hiring a lawyer and have him or her contact the doctor. Many doctors do better when given specific questions to address rather than open ended – can you write a report or fill out a form, etc.

You want to avoid changing doctors at all costs.

If you get concerned your claim may get denied, reach out to us for a confidential consultation.

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I disagree. I have lived in another country and it was much better. I am seriously thinking of moving back there.

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Agree that Canadian healthcare system is not working. Not sure what the answer is but maybe a 2-tier system would help. Also many doctors are at retiring age and that leaves huge gaps in the system, especially for disabled people that need more regular, ongoing care. My doc will prob. retire soon and it’s really stressful just thinking about it.