Got it (CPP-D) but sunlife is impatient

I got CPP-D (well sunlife did).
I got a letter from sunlife saying they understand I was approved for CPP-D but they don’t know the amount so they are estimating the maximum and deducting that from my November pay.
I checked the Service Canada and it says my claim is complete and has an amount.
The amount is quite a bit less than the maximum.
I hope I get the Service Canada letter tomorrow so I have all weekend to check the numbers sunlife should have.


Happy for you for getting cpp-d

When did you apply for cpp-d if I could ask.


I hand delivered my application to Service Canada July 6.
A bit more than 4 months.

Glad to hear you were awarded CPP-D.

Mine also took approx 4 months

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Hi Jammer
Glad to hear CPP-D came thru for you - will help when you go to the reg CPP at 65.
Take Care.

Hey Jammer, congratulations on the CPP-D! And thanks so much for the help you’ve offered me along the way.

Thanks, I’ll be around to give my opinions. :slight_smile:

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Congrats Jammer-wonderful news that you were approved!

Thanks, although it’d be better to be healthy.
Too bad, they don’t put the letter online too. :slight_smile:


My husband just got his letter.HE WAS APPROVED BACK TO JULY 2016

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That is wonderful Dot!

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Awesome to hear good news.