Functional evaluation / capacity test


How long after the test will one get the results back from the insurance company on average?


Typically the Insurer gets in within a week. You have the right to request your file and the report directly from the clinic that did the test-offer to pay for photo copying. You can also ask the Insurer to forward the copy to you.
We waited 5 months for GWL to forward a copy to us…but that was an unusual happening I believe.


The company that did the assessment, said the results of the test are the property of the insurance company as they paid for it.


Look under the post on who owns your medical records. You have a legal right to the report directly from the clinic. The clinic owns the report-they sold it to the Insurer. You own the information in the report as it is your personal information.
The physiotherapist or medical professional is bound by their professional regulations.
They can charge you copying fees for the report.


Walter, did you ever get the report?