Clinic wait times to get medical file

I go to a clinic that has a 4-6 week time for responding to requests for medical documentation.
I found the reason for this is because a person might see different doctors and each doctor has to approve releasing the notes they took.
I am at the end of my short term disability and am going on LTD due to my condition and what my specialist says (not the clinic) but I go to the clinic to monitor my health.
What are the chances the insurance company will want the notes from the clinic to verify I am getting regular treatment while I am on LTD?

There is 100% chance they will. When you sign a release of information form your case manager will be able to request any information from your doctors. Usually they request clinical records from your family physician and other doctors you see on a regular basis. In addition they may request any specialist report. Because it costs a lot to get those files they may do it selectively. Also they may ask you to send any new consultation report from specialists you intend to see.

You must take the time to fully explain your injury to your healthcare practitioners in detail.
In particular, you should focus on what your injury prevents you from doing in your regular life. What things that you would normally do; can you no longer accomplish; or, you do so less effectively because of the pain and limitations of your injury or illness? Make sure your Doctor documents your condition and how it is affecting you.

Again, don’t be modest about your suffering/issues but do not exaggerate either. If you tried cutting grass, gardening and had to stop after 15 minutes or had pain flare up after-this is important to give examples

Don’t hide attempts to try more physical activity-but document how it affected you by telling the Doctor. If you ever are surveillanced you have nothing to worry about.

Will the insurance company be willing to wait 4-6 weeks every time they want information?
I have an incurable disease so the specialist report they have shows that.
My family doctor basically just monitors me regularly.

No issue with that time frame-Doctors are allowed 4-8 weeks for reports by their college.

Your insurer may wait for specialist reports as they take some time to prepare. When the request is sent to your doctors for clinical records or doctor’s opinion then they usually give a deadline.

In my experience with ltd, cpp-d or disability tax credit they look at your ability to work and/or manage activities of daily living rather than the name of your condition. Don’t assume if you have an incurable disease you’ll be approved for everything.

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I am not worried about being approved for ltd and I’ve had the disability tax credit for years.
I’m not worried about being approved for cpp-d, more anxious to get it done and then deal with the insurance company after 2 years.

I see. LTD is like a real job but with a low pay :grinning: