Insurance Company Dragging Their Heels Over Return to Work Process?

I returned to work on a very low-hour basis about 3 months ago. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my LTD insurer since that time. In the way of even just getting through to someone competent who can tell me what they need from me.

When I called to inform them that I was returning on a graduated basis and wanted to be sure I was doing things right, what their process was, etc. I was told to have my doctor submit a letter stating why I was now able to initiate a return, what had changed, etc. Fine. My doctor said that they actually needed to request the info they wanted in writing due to patient confidentiality, and they’d be more than happy to provide it. And that they should know better. Fair enough. I phoned the person I had spoken to at my insurer a few times, always got voicemail. Finally I left the request to contact my doctor, my doctor’s info, etc on their voicemail.

A few weeks pass - doctor tells me at my appointment that she hasn’t received anything. Ok. I call again, voicemail. So this time I write a letter requesting them to write a letter to my doctor requesting the info (lol). I physically send the letter, fax the letter, and leave a message that I’ve done so. A few more weeks pass. Guess what - doctor hasn’t gotten any request. At this point I’m annoyed, because I don’t want to be accused of trying to work behind my insurer’s back or something stupid. I’m still at very few hours and not making much of anything, but I’m just trying to do my due diligence here. :rage:

Call the person at the insurance company again, and miraculously they answer. I ask if they’ve gotten my letter, as I’m just wanting to follow any procedure they need and would like some clarification as to anything else required. They tell me I’m doing everything right, they did get my letter and their workload is just high, they’ll be responding and requesting the info from my doctor in the following week. Awesome.

NOT. 3 weeks pass. A few days ago, my supervisor tells me that she got a call from someone at the insurance company asking questions about my return, that they’d “inherited my file”, how long it had been, that they hadn’t been made aware that I was returning. WTF. My supervisor pretty much asked them if they shouldn’t be talking to either me or our department that deals with disability leave etc about this, as my supervisor has nothing to do with it, and the person says “well yeah, I guess so…” and takes my number. :confounded: My supervisor immediately tells me about this, and has no idea what this person is about.

So, to heck with that, I get the number for this person and leave a message for them (it was after hours by then), saying hey thanks for calling my supervisor, but so-and-so was the person I was dealing with previously, here are the days I spoke to them on the phone regarding my RTW as soon as I had a date for return, this was the date I sent the letter which they acknowledged getting re: the doctor thing, let me know what is going on thank you very much. :roll_eyes:

So now I wait again. Holy hell I am annoyed. If they cut off my benefit now and say I never let them know about returning etc or whatnot, I will be livid. My disability lawyer won my case and I hadn’t spoken to the insurer directly since then, but I am trying to be above bloody board here and do things by the book, and I am effing irritated by the seemingly Herculean task of them being able to answer the bloody phone or do what they say they will.

Rant over (and if you read this, you’re amazing :crazy_face:) - but geez, you try to do things right and it’s like pulling teeth. I should have recorded my calls from the start, but at least I have the outgoing call records and the fax confirmation of the letter I sent.

I understand “inherited” files.
Mine was passed around a lot initially (wrong department, new employee, promotion or quit).
It all worked out for me.

Sounds like they are quite disorganized.
I can’t think of anything to say other than I hope it works out for you.

Thanks, I hope so too!