First appeal. What should I include?

Hey everyone.

So I was denied and have to appeal. It’s one of those situations where my phycologist is on side. So the initial application addressed all their issues.

I’ve read on here what you do in that situation is just directly address their issues citing the evidence from the first appeal.

I’ve done that, and am just wondering if anyone has any other tips or anything?

Also, bit of a side note. Doesn’t the adjudication framework say that the criteria is the person has to be unable to work for the next year? My denial letter made it sound like that’s not the case.

Thanks again everyone.

The current qualification criteria for bothCPP-D benefits and the Disability Tax Credit require that the illness be severe and prolonged. So if you are expected to recover or go back to work after 12 months it will be harder for you to be approved.

Oh, I’m not lol. But I was under the impression that the adjudication framework said that the line for “severe and prolonged” is 12 months. Or am I misrembering?

I too was denied the first time I had appealed. I think this is just standard for everyone. I did win my appeal.
First thing you need to do is ask them for your full and complete file and inform them that you are going to appeal.

I wasn’t aware there is a specific time but there could be.
Best of luck.

The information they require is ‘objective’ reports from professionals or experts.

You have to have a detailed assessment most times. They look at the probability of winning, the better your reports the less their probability.

Physical injuries are easier to document.

If it is mental health related be prepared to go through three rejections of appeals unless you have an assessment from a Psychiatrist. Personal physician reports and Psychologists usually do not fit the bill of objectivity for most insurers.

Also, know the case manager is not your service agent, they are an agent for the insurer whose job is to reduce claims. They gather information to fight you. Always say, I am not well, I feel unwell, I have not improved.

If the third appeal fails, hire a lawyer, that’s your best recourse.

I’ve written an article on the steps to follow for a CPPD reconsideration appeal where I go into detail on strategy. I’ve also written an article on the 7 mistakes to avoid when doing your own reconsideration appeal.

I also discuss reconsideration appeals in this youtube video at the CPP Disability Channel.

The key is to identify all the red flags (from the adjudicators’ perspective) and to address them in your submissions. Sounds like disability not prolonged is one of the red flags.

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How long did it take to get a reply when you won your appeal? Why were you denied in the first place. I was denied as well but I sent a reconsideration letter. It’s been 3 months and no response yet!


I was denied in Nov 2019 and had until 8 feb 2020 to file my appeal. I dropped it off at their office on the 5th Feb and found out end of June that I had won my appeal so 4 months.

What was their reason for denying you? I wrote a short reconsideration letter but I wish I had of written a lot more in it.

Here is the Reconsideration letter I wrote. It is a redacted version. I won my appeal in February 2020. Hope this helps.

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They tried to say that I could go back to work as they stated it was work related when it wasnt.

In your appeal letter did you request your FULL and COMPLETE file? If not then write them back requesting this.

Then I took s fine tooth combe to every thing they stated and quoted these areas from medical files.

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In my experience a shorter more to the point appeal letter, is better than a long unfocused appeal letter. See the article I referenced above for guidance.