CPP-D Denied, Now What?

CPP-D called today and told me I don’t qualify for the Disability portion. A nurse called and said that I meet the other requirements, but because my Oncologist says I can return to work and that my breast cancer wasnot high risk to reoccur (20%) I’m able to work in some capacity. She is sending me a letter and says I can appeal, but somehow it does not seem likely that I would be approved. My Manulife caseworker is calling me on August 8th. I guess he will be informed. Should I contact him sooner or just wait for his call? I was prepared for the denial, but sort of have mixed emotions about my next step. Is it possible for me to just retire? What will Manulife say if I decide to retire instead of trying another position at work or my position, modified?

I don’t know when you can retire.
65 seems normal in the private sector.
I think my friend retired early from the federal government at 52.
I think you can get CPP at 60 but maybe if you have a work pension plan you can get that earlier (at a reduced amount).
One of my coworkers had breast cancer and she was off for over a year.
I think what your insurance company will do is pay you for 2 years and then cut you off but that depends on the wording of your policy. Does the definition of disability change to “any occupation” after 2 years?
I wouldn’t say anything about retirement before your change of definition (2 years?) unless you will get more $ from retiring now than you get from LTD.
Lots of math and reading to do.
Maybe find a retirement planner.
Best of luck.

HI, yes I can take an early retirement with a bridge until I’m 65. I turn 64 this December. My definition of disability 2 year change is Aug 16/2019. Then it’s “any occupation”. I guess, I will know more after talking with my Manulife caseworker. Thanks for your response.

I’m also required by Manulife to appeal this decision, what if I return to work during the appeal process?

If you get it and you need to cancel it, just phone Service Canada when you’re sure your return to work is successful.
It really doesn’t sound like your appeal will be successful and the insurance company will use that denial as evidence that they are right to cut you off when the definition of disability changes (2 years).
It IS possible to still get LTD after the change in definition even if you don’t get CPP-D.
You need advice from a lawyer if you want to look at that.
When you speak to the insurer, just tell them how things are and what your prognosis is (the 80%chance of full recovery).
I hope you the best.